Backup Centre

In order to be able to provide uninterrupted service under any circumstances, CAUCA has a backup centre equipped with all the equipment needed to continue operations in the event of an extraordinary situation where the main control centre needs to be evacuated.

Mirroring the main call centre, the backup centre contains all the resources to ensure continuous service:

  • Building constructed from fire-resistant materials
  • Strategic geographic location outside the range of technological risks (industrial park, highway, refinery, etc.)
  • Telephone links from separate and independent physical networks, overhead and underground
  • Electrical generator for short-term power outages
  • Emergency generator to anticipate long-term power outages
  • Primary and secondary back-up centres equipped with the technology required to handle 9-1-1 call, fire dispatching and ambulance dispatching
  • Back-up communications tower, located in an area with a different microclimate, in case of failure of the existing tower
  • Controlled access via doors with magnetic locks and surveillance cameras

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Photos: Patrick Guay, Photographer

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