CAUCA: secure and reliable

Evidence of CAUCA’s forward-thinking methods can been seen in its components for protection and security, fulfilling all standards of operation:

  • Building constructed from fire-resistant materials
  • Strategic geographic location outside the range of technological risks (industrial park, highway, refinery, etc.)
  • Telephone links from separate and independent physical networks, overhead and underground
  • Electrical generator for short-term power outages
  • Emergency generator to anticipate long-term power outages
  • Primary and secondary back-up centres equipped with the technology required to handle 9-1-1 call, fire dispatching and ambulance dispatching
  • Back-up communications tower, located in an area with a different microclimate, in case of failure of the existing tower
  • Controlled access via doors with magnetic locks and surveillance cameras 



the weather,
your 9-1-1 experts
are on the job!



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Photos: Patrick Guay, Photographer

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