Quality control

CAUCA has established a rigorous quality control process to ensure excellence at each stage of emergency response.

A call centre quality auditor listens to random calls of each employee, assigning a score out of 100 based on very strict evaluation criteria. The level of compliance must be achieved for each criterion to obtain a certification of excellence. These evaluations are thus critical.

CAUCA is now in its fourth consecutive accreditation from the MPDS (Medical Priority Dispatch System) and is one of the only centres in Canada having the honor of such a long tradition of excellence.

This monitoring of quality is also useful from the point of view of continuous improvement. CAUCA does in fact require a high level of performance from the members of its staff and provides them with all the resources necessary for them to be real experts in emergency calls. All call takers and dispatchers have a monthly meeting to optimize both their performance as well as the efficiency of all operations.

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Photos: Patrick Guay, Photographer

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