Emergency Call

Let us take charge of your emergency calls for 9-1-1
and Fire services.

Our call center is operated by dispatchers who ensure that each emergency call gets transferred in less than 60 seconds on average, thanks to our:

  • Rigorous and uniform training
  • Simple and clear defined procedures
  • A cutting edge programs

Efficiency, excellence and thoroughness are our dispatchers’ priority.


Management of our transmitted calls using our VOIP system.

Our call center also allows for the use of ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ (VOIP) for your citizens to utilize the Internet to communicate with our emergency services through voice.

call specialized
call center

In support of our dispatchers with a guarantee of excellence,
our teams assure

  • Continued Improvement
  • Quality
  • Skill development
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Operating system development

Because every second counts and our high-quality standards must be maintained, we never stop innovating technologically.

Moreover, we have developed our own program CAD (Computer Assisted Dispatch) to improve our speed and quality while treating emergency calls.

Our secondary services in health and fire allow our dispatchers to maintain and deploy the interveners, efficiently to the location of the emergency.

A citizen calls 9-1-1…

1. A dispatcher at the emergency call center validates the nature of the emergency, the phone number of the citizen and their address, as well as the location of the emergency.

2. If needed, the call is transferred to the appropriate emergency service (Ambulance, Police, Fire) while a dispatcher deploys emergency units.

The citizen is calling for a municipal emergency? The dispatcher transfers the call to our “Call center for citizens—CITAM division.

600 000
emergency calls answered per year

Health Communication Centre (HCC)

At the HCC we receive, treat, and dispatch emergency calls that require emergency pre-hospitalization interventions. This secondary service is the only link between the 9-1-1 service, citizens, and health interveners.

The HCC Chaudière-Appalaches has been an accredited business since 2002 as a center of excellence in emergency medical dispatch by the ‘International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.’

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