Request and complaints


Module de statistiques et gestion des tâches routinières du personnel municipal

Centralize, Treat, and Follow Your
Citizens’ Request Easily

Our request and complaint management system is a municipal web platform, a web portal that is secured and available as a mobile application. This allows for municipal personnel to answer, treat, and actively follow your citizens’ requests or complaints at all time.


Three simple ways for your citizens to make a request or complaint:

  • Downloading the Mobile App on Google Play or the Apple Store
  • Via their municipality’s website
  • Communicating directly with the municipality


Practical, Simple and Intuitive

The system reduces the number of incoming calls for the same issue as the citizens are able to see if a similar request or complaint has been filed. By reading their profile, this allows the citizens to follow each step of the process in real time.

This tool is simple to navigate and easy to use. When an employee is concerned or directly involved with a request or complaint, he or she is then notified. Each request allows for special procedures and priority levels to be added and followed.

The staff members are equally able to send internal notes and follow-ups.

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Simple and accessible for all of your citizens, at all times.

Your citizens can use and access the Request and Complaint platform…

To report :

  • An animal complaint
  • Damages caused by the snow removal
  • A deteriorated road

To Know :

  • The date of the next tax payment
  • A specific rule or regulation

To ask :

  • For a construction permit

For each category, specific questions and procedures have been configured into the platform to gather all necessary information and facilitate the job of the administrative personnel.

It simplifies the work planning; many testimonies show it!
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