Improve the efficiency of your interventions

SURVI-Vehicular was developed in collaboration with emergency professionals to save precious minutes during the path to the place of intervention. The software, available on a tablet fixed in fire vehicles, greatly improves the efficiency and performance of firefighters.


Quickly manage all fire interventions

  • Optimization of interventions as soon as a fire alarm is triggered
  • Delay and errors risk are reduced
  • Faster and easier decisions

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Scalable tool designed by developers that prioritize
the fire responders efficiency

SURVI-Vehicular : the fire response management system that stands out

  • Immediate alert and notification of fire responders (while citizen is still online)
  • Instant display of the fire site address
  • Optimal route to go to the fire site (GPS navigation)
  • Real-time information transfer between the dispatcher and fire responders (the tablet acts as an extension of the dispatch software)
  • Access to critical information (positioning of fire vehicles, building risk level, presence of hazardous materials, response plan, etc.)
  • Follow-up of the fire intervention evolution and visualization of the responders positioning including the support resources (overview of operations)
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