Call Center

Take advantage of our call center for your citizens’ questions and needs.

Our municipal call center (CITAM) allows for your citizens, thanks to a simple and easy-to-remember phone number, to reach the city, municipality or RCM. We become your municipal service bureau.

Our municipal call agents are specialized in all things municipal and master the art of client service. They take charge of all the following services:

  • Answer citizens’ requests
  • Take charge of data compilation and subscriptions
  • Respond to citizen complaints or inquiries
  • Make service Requests



We offer multiple service hours for our citizen call center based on the needs of your municipality:

  • 24/7
  • Daytime during the week
  • Weekends, holidays and nights.


Three Options for our citizen call center:

We can also take partial charge of all your municipal calls or full charge of your calls.

  • 100% of your municipal calls
  • Partial charge of your municipal calls
  • Municipal emergencies only

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Guarantee stability and partnership for your citizen calls.

An adapted response

Our municipal dispatchers provide consistent responses in real time, based on the categories of events and the procedures developed in coherence with your city, municipality or RCM.

  • Administration
  • Animals
  • Communication
  • Environment
  • Evaluations, taxes and treasury
  • Clerical
  • General information and municipal services
  • Municipal facilities
  • Leisure, Culture and Community
  • Public, civil, and fire security
  • Public works
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Civil Engineering
  • Development and Urban planning.


At the beginning of our collaboration, you may select the services that work best in conjunction with your municipal staff:

Our platform allows us to keep a record of your call statistics in order to better understand your citizen’s needs.

Our team treats over
of municipal calls.
Moreover, you are
able to avoid the
repetitive calls and
increase your
efficiency and
your team’s

What about municipal emergencies?

Our 24/7 CITAM division is a secondary service for ‘’municipal emergency’’ type calls, placed in our emergency call processing department.

These types of calls consist of civil engineering issues such as a fallen tree on the road or a breach in the water filtration system, etc. These calls are treated by a municipal call dispatcher rather than an emergency call dispatcher.

Specialized in the domain, our municipal dispatchers are in a position to apply different procedures and protocols to the proper channels depending on the municipal emergency. They are able to filter the non-urgent calls from the urgent calls and if needed, the calls are sent to the municipality’s administration or one of your civil engineering staff members.

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3-1-1 is a number approved by the CRTC that allows citizens to communicate with their town or municipality

Even if the 3-1-1 is an excellent way to communicate with your citizens and your citizens with you and the line keeps the emergency 9-1-1 line free of unnecessary congestion, it is not widely implemented across Quebec. Therefore, the procedures to implement 3-1-1 are very complex.

You can avoid the headache and long procedures by entrusting us with the role of ensuring the proper channels and actions to be taken. Our CITAM division has made this tedious process our expertise.

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